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We are Importers and Distributors of Suntec Oil pumps in India since 1996 -97








Yash Hitech System is the one of the leading importer, distributor and stockies of following companies products since 1996-97.  We have more than 30 years of experience in this relevant field of heating & combustion. To know more please visit |












Our Products:

Monarch Oil Burner Nozzles

Danfoss Oil Burner Nozzles
Danfoss Oil Pumps for Burners
Suntec Oil Pump Accessories
Suntec Oil Pumps AS, AN, AE, AT2, A2L, D, E Series
Suntec Oil Pumps T and TA series
Danfoss Burner Controller
Danfoss Photocells
Siemens Burner Controllers, Models
Siemens Photocells / U.V.Cells QRB 3, QRA 2 Series
Siemens U.V.Cell QRA 10C and QRA 10MC
Siemens Photocells QRB 1 Black and Red Color
Burner Controller MA55
Burner Controller MA810
Dungs Controller MPA-41 Series
Cofi Winding Type / Electronic Transformers
Ignition Cable, Teflon Cable
Danfoss EBI Transformers
Ignition Electrodes
'H' Tpye Electrodes or Block Electrodes
Giuliani Anello Gas Filters
Dungs Gas Filters
Dungs Pressure Switches
Oil Filters
Dungs Pressure Regulators FRS, FRNG, FRN, FRSBV
Giuliani Anello, Italy (Now known as Watts Industries)
APQ Spain Gas Pressure Regulators
Siemens Servomotors
Dungs Servomotors
Dungs Solenoid Valves MVD, MVD-LE Series
Dungs Butterfly Valves HFSV Series
MVD and MVDLE Series
Manual Reset Valves
Dungs Double Solenoid Valves and Multiblocs
Dungs Multiple Actuator MBC-SE Series
Dungs Multiple Actuator MBC-VEF Series
Gas Trains
Gas Inlet Pressures
Standard Gas Trains
Gas Meters MZ Series from ITRON Germany
Gas Meters DM/DE Series from Elster / Kromschroder
Fyrite Insight
Gas Leak Detectors
Dungs Safety Release Valves
APQ Safety Release Valves
Giuliani Anello Slam Shutoff Valves
APQ Slam Shut Off Valve
APQ Tower Gauge
Dungs Valve Proving Systems VPS, VDK, DSLC , VPM
Spares for Monobloc Burners
Elet Plast Connectors

Siemens Burner Controllers, Photocells, U. V. Cells LOA, LMO, LME, LAL and LFL series





All Suntec Oil Pumps Accessories available in Mumbai, India

Product Categories



Oil Burner Nozzles

Monarch Nozzles
Oil Pumps for Burners
Burner Controllers, Photocells, U. V. Cells
Ignition Transformers & Accessories
Ignition Electrodes
Gas Filters & Pressure Switches
Gas Regulators & Servo Motors
Gas Valves & Multibloc Valves
Gas Trains & Gas Flow Meters
Combustion Analysers & Leak Detectors
Safety Release & Slam Shutoff Valves
Valve Proving Systems
Spares for Monobloc Burners
Additional Accessories



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We are Importer, traders of Suntec oil pump in bulk stock since 1996 -97




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